I recently caught up with the lovely and very talented professional make-up artist, Keseme Carter Goodwin.

Owner of Le Pettit Salon, at Brougham Hall, Penrith, Keseme has amassed an incredible amount of beauty knowledge and skills, having worked in the industry for the last 10 years.  She also teaches at Kendal College, passing on her skills, to future professionals.

I was fascinated to hear more about her work, and to find out her top 5 reasons why brides should invest in a professional make-up artist, on their wedding day.

1. There is an opportunity for a trial run

“As a professional in bridal make-up, I love the trial part of the consultation, a great way to get to know the bride and go through colour choices for lipstick, as well as, to test foundations to colour match for perfection. The bride also gets to see the longevity of the make-up and see how the ‘look’ will feel on the day.

“Some brides may want a very light natural application, while others a full glam coverage, retro, or even themed make-up. The trial consultation is the first step to creating the finished ‘look’ for the big day. There is no ‘one size fits all’ concept when it comes to make-up.”

“Trials are usually done 4/6 weeks prior to the wedding day, as this is when the hair/skin are most likely to be the texture and tone they should be, and final decisions about hair styling etc will be complete.”

2. Importantly it allows for a stress free day

“Everyone wants to look beautiful on their big day, and even the shy modest of brides will feel anxious about their make-up application.  It’s so much nicer for a bride to relax in a bathrobe and have their makeup done by a professional instead of the stress trying to apply their own, there is much more to make-up than the airbrushed Instagram images or DIY YouTube tutorials.

“I never tire of the wedding morning buzz and love seeing the bride all fully dressed and ready to go.”

Photos courtesy by Keseme Carter Goodwin.

3. Professional application

“Less is not often more …. I am not fond of too heavy or shimmer and shine for a bride, however a natural look still needs to start with a good base/primer and end with a finish powder or spray, this will keep the make-up there all day.”

4. Wealth of knowledge on products and choosing the right one for you

“As a make-up artist and qualified teacher in all things beauty, I am very much a product junkie, and still get excited after over 10 years when I find a new product launch that I know my brides will adore.

“I use very high end brands and foundations I use can be anywhere from £40-£70. I won’t take a chance of using high street cosmetics, as I know the brands I choose are the best out there.”

5. Check availability as soon as possible!

“I am almost full for 2018 now!  And time seems to fly past from speaking to a bride at initial call, to seeing them on the big day. I have to be very organised and keep lots of notes after the trial, alongside a picture I take of the bride, to remind her of the look we were going with.”

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