Creating an amazing equestrian photograph

Is it a horse standing beautifully square, alert, with their ears pointing forward?

Well that would certainly make a photograph look fabulous – but for me…

“…an amazing equestrian photograph is one that really resonates with my clients; the one that creates an emotion. It’s that one photograph that could show love, character, strength, affection or care.”

It could be the one photograph that is a celebration; the coming through the other side from a hard fought journey or capturing a special moment in time, such as your daughter’s first pony or your treasured golden oldie.

It will be the one photograph that will make you skip a beat. That might even make you cry.

The pandemic really opened my eyes to how much I love my fell pony and how each day I get excited to see him and connect with him. He’s fascinating in so many ways and for the last 3 years we’ve built up relationship that is unique and ours.

And it is this unique connection, love and understanding that you have of your horse and family, that I love to capture. If I get that right, that will make the amazing photograph. x

creating an amazing equestrian photograph
Equine Family photoshoot

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