I recently meet up with Lake District based bespoke jewellery designer, Alexandra Barclay-Smith, to find out more about her work and special wedding collections.

Alex’s company, Alexandra Rose Jewellery creates the most beautiful original jewellery, which can make for a perfect complement to a couples wedding day. She specialises in bespoke rings, pendants, charms and earrings and all are created from the initial free consultation.

Meet and Greet

“I love the initial consultation”, comments Alex. “It’s a great way to get to know your customer more and helps me understand exactly what they are looking for.

“It’s a time where I can discuss with them what’s possible and take measurements for their ring or other pieces of jewellery, ” she continued.

“Some customers approach me with an idea of what they want, which is great, as I can then create some designs in advance of our first meeting.

“But if not, I do try to ask as many questions as I can, to get ideas for my designs. This can be a range of questions from interests, to favourite colour etc.

“It also helps if the customer has an idea of budget, as that comes in handy when designing. Once we have a design, I can then work out an accurate quote.”

Inspirational Designs

“I do have styles that I like to draw inspiration from, such as art nouveau and the Victorian era.  But the beauty of offering a bespoke service is that I get to work in a wide range of styles, as it is centered around the customer’s preferences.”

Photos courtesy of Alexandra Rose Jewellery.

Creating Process

“The timescale really depends on the complexity of the piece, and how many commissions I am doing at the time. But it can take between 1 to 3 months from the first consultation, to completion. I keep my customers regularly updated on the progress of their jewellery and send photographs at various stages, to keep them involved in the process.

“Once their jewellery is finished we meet up again for the big reveal. Though if this isn’t possible, I can also post out to customers if necessary.”

Additional options for Wedding Jewellery

“As well as my bespoke jewellery, I also have a number of ranges available and popular for weddings. I have a pearl range which include pendants, stud earrings and bracelets. These are so beautiful in their simplicity and perfect for bridesmaids, as the pearls come in 5 different colours.

“One of my best sellers is my ‘Teacup’ range. Essentially little teacups made of silver! Also available in pendants, charms and earrings, they work great for vintage or tea-party themed weddings.”

For more information – visit Alexandra Rose Jewellery