Why book a spring equine photoshoot ?

Equine spring photoshoot – crazy hey?

Ok, just like a winter equine photoshoot, let’s flip it…

book a spring equine photoshoot

Think bright yellow daffodils and gorse, beautiful apple and cherry blossom in full bloom, or delicate snowdrops and not forgetting bluebell woods! ❤️

Oh, what a season to have your equine photoshoot in!

  • No bathing of your horse needed – still fab! A wash of the legs if muddy and a good brush will be fine x
  • Unclipped horses and ponies look really cute, especially if still fluffy in the early spring months ❤️
  • And clipped horses look smart! ⭐

It’s also a great time to be really flexible with your clothing choices. You can bring a selection of clothes, such as a smart jacket, and or a luxurious shawl, to give that cosy feeling. And dare I say it, we often can get some of our best warm days in spring, and if this is the case, dresses or shirt and trousers look amazing!

And just like a winter photoshoot, there is no need to enter muddy fields, if you have a path or bridleway that is available to use. 
And American-style barns make excellent settings for fine artwork. (who cares what the weather does then!).

Book a spring equine photoshoot by Emma campbell

An equine spring photoshoot can be amazing!

From a photographer’s perspective, the light is still lush! Why, because the sun is much more low-angled than in the summer, so the light coverage across a client’s face becomes softer, creamer, and much more flattering.
Sunsets last longer and you have more chance of stunning red sky.

Choose a location that is special to you

If you have a location, that oozes at its best in spring and it means so much to you and your horse, please don’t miss out on capturing some beautiful bespoke photographs of you both.

I have just released 5 dates in March which are my mid-week special offers – enjoy a photoshoot experience for only £95! For more information – click here.

So, if you are looking to create some different, luxurious, or dramatic in your photographs, think about booking a spring equine photoshoot!

book a spring equine photoshoot - bluebell wood

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