Classical Dressage rider Peter Maddison-Greenwell

I recently spent a fabulous afternoon with the International Dressage Trainer and Founder of El Caballo de España, Peter Maddison-Greenwell, talking all things Classical. Today ‘Classic Riding’ is quite a buzz word, but for Peter it’s something he’s always done.

He first started riding at the age of 9, at a riding school owned by former policeman Eric Read. By the age of 16 he was riding and training polo ponies for the Rothschilds. Such experience gave him a great understanding of horses, but it was through Sylvia Stanier years later, that his passion for Classical Riding began.

Classic Riding

“You didn’t have the internet then,” commented Peter, “just traditional books on the principles of dressage. Their content stemmed back to the proven training methods, from such past masters as Pluvinel, Guérinière, Newcastle, and the more recent Alois Podhajsky of The Spanish Riding School of Vienna. So, what you were learning, we see as classical riding today. It was all about following the principles of the masters and the good welfare of the horse.”

Peter Maddison-Greenwell, classical dressage trainer

Dressage Clinics

Peter is a renowned dressage trainer and his knowledge and skills have taken him all over the world teaching. Today he regularly runs clinics throughout Britain, helping riders get the very best out of their horses.
Classical Dressage Displays

In 1988 Peter established El Caballo de España. Together with his partner Danielle, they offer stunning historical shows, demonstrating the beauty and history of the Spanish horse. With over 3,000 shows to date, Peter works closely with organisations such as English Heritage, to produce breath-taking displays of the advanced dressage and training techniques from the past.

Spanish Horses

Bocado Spanish Stallions are used as part of his displays, whose bloodlines originate from 16th Century. Peter is photographed here, on Bocado Spanish Stallion ‘Invasor’. A goregous seven year old, orginally bred by Henriette Boissevain with the help and advice of her horsemaster John Scott-Leith. To find out more about Peter’s work visit:

Classical dressage training