A consultation is there to help you make choices.

A reveal and consultation done at the same time, is an ideal opportunity to help guide you on your purchases, show you recommendations, latest offers and packages that will suit you best.

The Digital Times

I remember back in the early 2000’s and listening to the radio and someone said the mobile phone will be like a mini computer soon and you’ll be able to take photographs and do all sorts with it. Fast forward to 2022 and I would never have thought just how much the mobile is a vital part of us now. We take it everywhere and we store millions of photographs on them. It’s easy and quick to use.

So can I ask when was the last time you had a photograph printed?  Do you know, it’s taken me a number of years to educate myself on how to produce products, such as framed photographs and printing.  As part of my Master Craftsman qualification, I had to print a panel of 20, 16″ x 20″ mounted photographs. All had to look the same in quality and light – and oh boy was that hard, but I really learn’t from the experience. Please do utilise my knowledge to help guide you too x


Utilising Emma’s knowledge can really help you produce the most beautiful wall art – that will last. 

Offering the best service

When I capture your photo shoot session, I’m thinking not only creating stunningly beautiful images for you to choose, to display with pride in your home, I’m also thinking of longevity. And part of this is a long process, from the choice of camera I use, to the set up of my computer – to the professional printers I put trust in.

Colour Calibration

When editing your images, my computer and software setting are matched to two professional printer labs. So, I know when I give them your digital files, my computer is talking to their printer and the results are the best they can be. This can not be guaranteed if you take your digital files to another printers. Errors can occur in the color and light.

Computer Light checks

Seriously I have a tool Spyder Pro – that measures the light in my office! So that each time I spend time editing your photographs, again I am making sure the light settings are perfect for my printers.

Photograph paper

A large majority of my photographs are printed on archive paper. If I am going to photograph such a special moment, the last thing I want is the print to fade after a few years.

  • All your prints are checked by highly experienced color technicians
  • All prints ordered above the size of 18″x12″ are printed on our Lightjet (not inkjet) Photographic printer and using Fuji Crystal Archive Professional Digital Photographic paper!

I’d like to order a canvas!

Great, but let me order you one, that will fit perfectly and look great on your wall for years to come. Our canvases are handcrafted to give them a professional finish and to make sure they stand the test of time.

A consultation – will give you more choice

As well as canvases – for the same price there is also Aluminum prints. These are amazing and really let the photograph jump out at you! Let me also show you the alternatives.

Purchasing more than one product

Want to buy more than one frame or folio box? Great! Let me give you a discount to match what you’re purchasing.

Print and be seen

As you can see a consultation is much more that just a chat. Let me help you make really great choices on creating beautiful, bespoke art work for your home.  We’ve lived in an extraordinary era of the digital world for quite a while now and it’s easy to think we just need the digital files and we’ll print them out someday.  But how many of us do actually go and print them? And if we do, do they stay fresh and clean on the wall, to be enjoyed for years to come?

Let’s get your favourite images printed and let me guide you the best way to do this x

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Combined with an after photoshoot consulation, Emma will create treasure memories for which you can keep forever.
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