Emma Takes Guild of Photographers Business Award

It was such a lovely surprise to win The Guild of Photographers Business Award, at their Awards night, held at Crewe Hall Hotel, Cheshire.

A new award for The Guild, this year, it was a complete shock to be called up for it. It’s so important for me, that my customers receive the very best service. Whether that’s through the quality of my photography, experiencing excellent customer service; to having positive, fun and at times heart warming experiences. And after gaining my Master Craftsman last year, and having previously winning Equine Image of the Year and Overall Image of the Year, this was just the icing on the cake.

Guild of Photographers Business Award

The evening also saw me retain my place within the ‘Top Ten International Pet Photographers’ category and achieve my Photographers Bar for the 5th consecutive year – an acknowledgement of consistent high standard of work.

A huge thanks to Business Success Academy and 3XM Solution for sponsoring this award. To Ronan Ryle for all his business support and with presenting me with the award. To Steven and Lesley Ann Thirsk, Rebekah and the rest of The Guild Team, for organising the fabulous event and to all the staff at Crewe Hall, Cheshire, for all their hard work.

Guild of Photographers award Night at Crewe Hall, Cheshire

Emma getting presented award

Crewe Hall Cheshire