The Build-up

What if the weather is terrible?

A few days before your shoot, I’ll be checking several weather apps to see what’s going to be happening on your photoshoot day. If the weather is dry and not windy, believe it or not, that’s the best weather to go for, as there is no harsh light or shadows.

If the day is planned to be really sunny, we’ll probably go for early morning or capture a beautiful sun set.

We’ll be going for the best hour in the day for light/weather conditions and I’ll be able to confirm this 48-24 hours before the shoot. If it’s raining and windy, we may have to reschedule and I keep lots of dates free, so we can do this.

I’ve got my style guide document, but what about my horse?

If you’re not riding, then a leather head collar looks really smart. However, don’t worry if you haven’t got one, I carry a selection with me. If riding, please have your tack clean. On selecting accessories, such as numnah’s etc, aim for colours which are neutral and not too bright and shiny.

Do I need to bath my horse?

No, as long as they look presentable, there is no need to bath them.



The Photo Session

A scottish estate - perfect for an equestrian photoshoot
What if I can’t get a friend to help?

Please try and have at least one extra pairs of hands on location. Not only is it lovely to have a friend or family member to help, but they are also invaluable to rustle bags etc to get your horse’s attention.

Can I be excluded on the photographs?

Yes, it’s entirely up to you.

Can I include the family?

Absolutely, but please let me know prior to the shoot, who will be attending.

Are you insured?

Yes, I carry Public Liability and Personal Accident Insurance and I have over 30 years photography experience.


Unfortunately Covid is still with us and I really want to make sure I keep you safe x. The morning of our photoshoot, if I have any symptoms, I’ll take a lateral flow test, to ensure I’m clear. If I am positive, I’m afraid we’ll have to reschedule, as I would never want to put anyone at harm. I would let you know before 8am of photo session if I do.

What if my horse misbehaves?

Please don’t worry if you feel your horse won’t stand still. We make the photoshoot very relaxed and we always work around them.

I may get nervous

It’s entirely normal to feel this, but please be reassured we’ll have the most wonderful time and hopefully within a few minutes of meeting me, you’ll feel more relaxed. If you would like to chat to me on Zoom/Skype prior to us meeting up, I can set that up too.

Why do I have to choose a location known to me and my horse?

The aim of the photoshoot session is to capture your horse’s true personailty. To do this, I need them to be as relaxed as possible. Taking them somewhere new, may unsettle them.

I don’t know if I’ve chosen a good location?

When I arrive, we’ll take a walk and have a look at the location you’ve chosen. I’ll then select some lovely areas. It may be a gorgeous tree which will make a fabulous backdrop, or a brick wall! It’s amazing what I can find to use.

I’ve chosen a location, but it's on private land we don't own

As this is a commercial photoshoot we’ll need permission from the land owner to take the photographs. So that may mean contacting a few weeks in advance, the National Trust, National Trust for Scotland, English Heritage, Farmer or local council.


Equine photoshoot at a location special to you

Viewing your photographs

contemporary horse portraiture
How long will I have to wait to view the photographs from my photoshoot?

Your photographs will be ready for viewing within two to three weeks of your photoshoot session.

Why have you asked for an Image of my wall?

Prior to your photoshoot session, I’ll ask you to photograph the room/s you’ve chosen to display your wall art. This could be for one very special image from your gallery or several. The room photograph can be simply taken on your mobile and emailed to me. This will help me show you the best options for Frames and to help you visualise what your photographs will look like displayed at home.

How will I view them?

Once I’ve received your interior room photograph/s, we’ll get together for your photograph session reveal (your consultation) via Zoom or Skype. Your image will become part of your reveal and help show you, how your photographs will look on your chosen wall and what frames will suit your decor best. Please note, the consulation and reveal is usually done at the same time, so that I can guide you on your purchases, showing you the latest offers and packages that will suit you best. However, I do offer a second option, for those that would prefer to view their photographs for the first time in private. For more details – click here.

Can I view them on my own, prior to a consultation?

Yes you can, but to do this, I require a viewing fee of £299, payable before you receive access to your gallery. This fee will be refunded on a purchase of any Frame or Folio Box. 

My photographs have been archived - how do I see them again?

If your photographs have been archived, we require £100 fee to reestablish them onto an online gallery. This is non-refundable.

Purchasing Your Wall Art

How do I purchase and products?

On the day of your gallery reveal and consultation, you’ll make your choices, order and pay for your chosen products.  Please ensure you are ready for this.  If it’s not a good time to make a purchase from your gallery reveal/consultation, we can delay your reveal until you are. For more details on the big reveal and choosing your products – visit here.

What can I purchase?

As part of your consultation, we’ll have a look at lots of framing options, canvases, metal prints, albums, and the best-seller Folio Boxes!

How much do the frames and canvases cost?

My fine art canvas wraps are printed directly onto museum-quality canvas using archival ink and are available from £399 (if using £100 off discount).

My frames start from £578.

There is also 0% interest free repayments available, where you can split the cost over 3, 5 or 12 months.

Can I purchase the digital files?

Absolutely, you can purchase your whole gallery or choose your favourite 20, 10 or 5. 

However, if purchasing 10 or less, the digital files are only available with the purchase of a frame, canvas or metal print.

Why?  The aim of my work is to create beautiful art work for you to display on your wall at home and that the work I produce is of quality.  My computer is colour calibrated to two professional printing labs and therefore I guarantee the very best colours and longevity.

Do you offer payment options?
Yes!  I’m delighted to have teamed up with Payitmonthly. A team partner with The Guild Of Photographers, who offer interest-free finance, split over affordable months.
Many of my clients split the financing of their wall art over 3, 5 or 12 months at 0%.  Spreading the cost of your personialise portraits, at a price that’s affordable to you.
Show your art work pride of place at home
The Folio Box