First pony photoshoot session

The benefits a pony can bring to a young person’s life can be immeasurable.

A first pony can help develop confidence, build relationships and social skills, encourage commitment, aid balance and fitness, and at times, teach resilience.

I was lucky to have a Highland pony on loan when I was a teenager. I come from none horsey family and Turin Hill, Piper O’Dundee guided me through life’s struggles and complications. He was my constant, my rock. Looking back, he took me through my University years, and looking back I admire what he taught me so much.

First Pony photoshoot session

Their First Pony Photoshoot session

This summer, I had a conversation with a wonderful mum. She explained to me that her young daughter had become completely transformed, since getting her first pony. She’d come out of her shell and had become so much more confident.

I’m really conscious when capturing a first pony photoshoot session, just how special they can be. To show the connection a young person can have with their pony; unique as it might be, but also aware, of what it may mean to them in the future. When say ten years from now, they reflect on the benefits of what their unique relationship gave to them.

I only have one image of myself and Piper left. It’s a small print, but each time I look at it, I’m filled with pride for what that pony did for me. I just wish I’d had more photographs of us together, to remind me of him today. I believe he very much helped shape who I am today. In hindsight, I should have collected my favourite photographs and framed them. They’d be now on my wall at home now. But I just didn’t realise at the time, what skills and friendship he was teaching me and how important he’d become to me.

young person's first pony photoshoot

Growing with importance over time

I often say to my clients, when looking at your gallery of photographs, try and transport yourself in time, say 10 years from now. And on looking at what I’ve captured for you, how do you think these photographs will make you feel?

Will the wall art I create for you, grow with importance over time? Whether that’s for the parent, wanting to capture a moment in time. Children grow up so fast, and capturing them at such a pivotal time in their lives is so very special and not something you can get back.

Or for the young person, it may be in the present, they see their very much loved pony displayed on their wall at home. But in time, when life may be very different and on reflection, like me, will they recognise just how much they were loved and how lucky they were to have such a relationship with a very special pony.

First pony photoshoot session with mum and dad
first pony photoshoot session by Emma Campbell
first pony photoshoot session

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