Horse Photoshoot in Yorkshire

On celebrating a milestone birthday, Tanya commented, “I have been involved with horses all my life but apart from photos taken at shows, I’ve never had professional pictures taken of them.” And so it was wonderful to treat her to a fabulous horse photoshoot session! Tanya and her horses Bob and Parsnip, live in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales.

On the day of the photo session, we had Tanya’s son and his friend help keep Bob and Parsnip’s attention and they did a brilliant job. We were chasing rain clouds at times, but it was well worth it, for the weather provided a stunning atmosphic backdrop for the location we were in. Tanya has since purchased a beautiful wooden frame and printed mounts from the day.

Fine art horse portrait by Emma Campbell
Equine photoshoot in the Yorkshire dales
Horse photoshoot in the Yorkshire dales
Fine art horse portraits