I had the lovely opportunity to photograph some very special ponies this month. Walter and friends are based in the Lake District and were a mix of Fell and Dales ponies.

History of the breed

Both are part of the UK’s Mountain of Moorland pony breeds. The Fell pony is closely related to the Dales pony and shares its origins with the now-extinct Galloway pony.  The breed is believed to have originated on the border between England and Scotland and pre-dates Roman times.  They are very suited to live and thrive in tough conditions out on the fells in the Lake District and have been used in the past as packhorses, to carry lead, slate, copper and iron ore.  Today they make great family pets and are brilliantly suited as driving and riding ponies. They superb nature make them suitable for riding and driving for persons with disabilities.

The Dales breed is slightly larger than the Fells and was strongly linked to the history of lead mining in the Yorkshire Dales area of England. The breed almost became extinct during the Second World War, but post-war conservation efforts have had some success in rebuilding the population.

Walter and friends were stars the evening I photographed them. Thank you Amanda for such a lovely time.