National Horse Day

Today in the USA its National Horse Day, created to honour and recognise the amazing contribution horses have made in the development of their nation.

For me, I’m going to steal that idea and use National Horse Day as an opportunity – especially now my photoshoot sessions have come to a close this year, to say a huge thank you and gratitude to each and every horse and pony in the UK, that I’ve photographed in 2022!

I have put you sometimes in very strange places, long grass, ferns, and woods to say a few! 🙂 When all you want is that carrot or polo mint you’ve spotted in your owner’s hand, I’ve made you do your stretches to get them. You’ve had to witness crazy humans jump up and down in front of you, to encourage your ears forward and what was that horse neigh app all about!!

I’ve loved each and every one of you – you have all touched me in some way. xx

I always feel incredibly honoured to capture the unique, individual friendship and very much at times the personal connection, a client will have with the horses and ponies in their lives. I am honoured that I am allowed to see a glimpse into their connection, and in turn create some beautiful wall art, so that they will never forget these moments.

Horses and ponies have involved through time and very much now look after us in the modern era. They are a wonderful distraction, have calming influences, and naturally place us in the present and protect us from the craziness that is often surrounding us. Making us stop and breathe.

Thank you to everyone who let me photograph you and your wonderful horses and ponies this year. It really truly has been an honour xx

Best wishes, Emma x

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