Sharing your photographs with friends and family just got easier!

In the past when digital files were requested by the client, the most stylish way was storing them on a USB stick. Roll forward 10 years and the digital world has changed. Now we have mobile phones, that are mini computers, ipads, laptops, digital tv’s etc and many now don’t have USB ports.


When clients purchase their digital files I often use WeTransfer to ensure they arrive safely to them. It’s a great piece of software, that can transport their digital files with ease. But then how do clients share their images with friends and family?  The files are often very large, perfect for printing but again not so good for sharing.  Often I would produce two folders for my clients, one with a reduced size of image files, so easier to add to social media, but again they’re often difficult to share.

The Coffee Shop

Imagine you’re in your favourite coffee shop and you’re with your friends and you’re so excited to show them your photo shoot images, how do you do it? If you use a Quantum card, (which can be stored easily in your purse or mobile phone wallet )- you simply tap the card onto their mobile.  Your images will appear instantly!
Another scenario, you want to share the family photoshoot photographs you purchased to the grandparents. Again it’s easy to just tap the card onto their mobile and the images will appear. They will also have an option to store the images on their own phone so they can go on and show their friends the lovely photos.

Personalised to you

Teh lovely bit about the cards is that you can have your favourite image printed onto them, so it makes them extra special.

The new Quantum card

The Tech bit

For the Quantum card to work, it needs the mobile phone you are tapping to have NFC capability – but the great news is that most do and, such as all iPhones since 2017, Samsung 2014 models and later, Google, Nokia, HTC, LG etc.  Also to bear in mind, the card is a great sharing tool, rather than only place to store your images. At the moment, your images will stay on the quantum card, for either a year, two or three, depending on which you prefer.  I would recommend, storing your images, on your computer, backed up in your cloud software and any external hard drives too!

Sharing the love and your photographs

I won’t stop using USB’s if clients wish to have them, nor WeTransfer, but this just gives them another option.

Where to purchase your Quantum card?

If you’re interested in purchasing a Quantum card, they are available when you purchase the whole of your photoshoot digital images, or with any folio box purchase.   For more details, contact Emma.

Quantum card is available with any Folio box


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