If you’ve a forthcoming autumn/winter wedding and you’d like to use some seasonal UK grown flowers; take a look at my list of favourites for some inspiration.

Dahlia – a stunning large flower, which comes in a wide range of colours. Most abundant in the UK from August to October.  Stems can last between four and six days.

Amaryllis – lily looking flower. The amaryllis is a very floral plant and popular at Christmas time.  Available in a wide variety of colours and makes a great alternative to roses.

Hellebores – a late winter plant, that offers a choice of delicate colours when added to a bouquet. Choose from pinks, creams or pale purple flowers.

Foliage and berries – for a very seasonal bouquet and ideal for a Christmas wedding.  Foliage and berries offer a stunning alternative and can be also used to dress up a lapel or as table decorations.

Mistletoe – can’t be missed if again having a Christmas wedding. Mistletoe added to your bouquet can compliment so many other flowers, while adding that seasonal touch.

Anemone – I adore this flower!  Flowering in the UK from August to October, the gorgeous anemone also comes in a variety of colours.

Carnations – Great value for money flower and available all year. The carnation packs in colour to any bouquet. Long lasting and very versatile.