It was such a wonderful morning capturing Dillan. He was a very worthly winner of my Facebook photo shoot competition, which I ran at the beginning of this year.

He totally tugged at my heart strings! An incredible character, kind and playful, despite his years and having overcome numerous health issues in his life.  He belongs to Gail and is very much loved and part of the family.

Respectful of age

We took our time on the shoot and made it very fun for Dillan, with his favourite tennis ball kept close by his side or in his mouth! Respecting his age and ensuring he was enjoying the whole process, we spent an hour ambling through the footpaths and giving him rests when he needed.

I was so pleased with the results from the photoshoot; creating a collection of timeless images that will enable Gail and her family keep fond memories of Dillan, forever.

Dog Photo Shoots

A photo shoot is a fantastic, fun experience for you and your dog. For more details click here.