Why book an equine winter photoshoot

Why book an Equine Winter Portrait Session

Equine winter portait session

Equine Winter Portrait Session – crazy hey?

Cold, wet, mud… brrrr! Ok, let’s flip it…

No bathing the horse – fab!
Unclipped look really cute ❤️
And clipped look smart! ⭐

Your clothing can look luxurious and keep you snug. Think of a stunning winter jacket with faux fur, or a beautiful wrap. Browns, creams, greens – gorgeous!

No need to enter muddy fields, if you have a path or bridleway that is available to use.
And American-style barns make excellent settings for fine artwork. (who cares what the weather does then!)

An equine winter portrait session can be magical!

From a photographer’s perspective, the light can also be lush! Why, because the sun is much more low-angled than in the summer, so the light coverage across a client’s face becomes softer, creamer, and much more flattering.

Sunsets last longer and you have more chance of stunning red sky. While the sky can also become dramatic and moody. Grey clouds become the perfect colour base, to make you and your horse stand out.

Snow looks amazing and helps generate a clean and crisp appearance in the photograph, while trees become sculptural. The landscape can really turn absolutely magical, with frosty mornings and atmospheric mist.

The photographs here were taken on a late November morning and Bridget, my model was wearing a stunning silk dress.

So if you are looking to create some different, clean, luxurious, or dramatic photographs, think about booking a winter equine portrait session.

Time to book your Equine Portrait Session Experience?

Chat with Emma and tell her more about your very special horse x

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